An Established Pensacola Probate And Estate Attorney

For more than 25 years, I have been guiding people in Pensacola and the Florida Panhandle through the Florida probate process. My goal is to make certain everything is done in accordance with your loved one’s wishes, minimizing the time, cost and effort involved.

When Is Probate Necessary?

If you have lost a parent or another family member, the probate process may be necessary to ensure proper distribution of your loved one’s assets. If you have lost a spouse, the probate process may be unnecessary. Frequently, everything is co-owned between spouses, so all assets automatically pass to you under Florida law.

You may still need an attorney, but generally you only need to go through probate after the death of a spouse if assets were not titled properly or beneficiaries were not listed on accounts.

Probate Is Not the Monster You Think It Is

Perhaps you have heard horror stories about contested cases stuck in the probate process for years. I have been doing this for nearly three decades and I have rarely seen those scenarios. Provided your case is handled correctly, probate is an effective method of moving assets out of the decedent’s ownership to the rightful new owners.

If you were to ask 10 different lawyers how to get through the probate process, you would probably get 10 different answers. There is no set path through the process. There are pitfalls, however, beginning with the question of when to open a probate case. Opening a probate case at the wrong time can be dangerous. My experience suggests I can recognize all of the pitfalls and can effectively guide you on how to avoid them. I start every case by learning about your family and the assets involved. Then I walk you through the process with the hands-on attention your case deserves.

Summary Probate Administration Vs. Full Probate Administration

When most people think of the probate process, they think of a full administration with publication. In reality, that is not the only option. In some cases, an abbreviated probate procedure, referred to as a summary administration, can be just as effective at a substantially lower cost. I have the skill and experience to determine which of these options make the most sense in your case.

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